Running Buddy

This service is geared to anyone that likes to run accompanied. This can be for people who like to run early in the morning or late at night. People who want to have someone to talk to or not talk to but want the push and commitment 


$5 per mile (once a week)

$4.75 per mile (twice a week)

If you would like to run 3 or more times per week please contact us for special pricing.

Running Tours

This service is geared to anyone that wants to get to know their city or visitors from abroad. We take pride in our city and we like to show everyone about our history and culture.


The first 1 to 4 miles are $35. For any additional mile please add $5 per mile.


If you are 3 or more please contact us for special rates.

Executive Running 

This service is geared to VIP's that would like to go run with a partner. Please contact us directly to customize your VIP experience to your needs

 Dallas Running Tours


Doggy walk/Run

This service is geared to cater to our best friends.


Please contact us for pricing.